French Links Tours provides customized luxury travel services, and offers exclusive access to sites normally inaccessible to the public.

Founded in Paris in 1997 by Rachel Kaplan, French Links Tours, (now a division of Events & Company), organizes private, customized tours and events in France and other parts of Europe.

French Links Tours is dedicated to the discerning traveller who wants an in depth approach to learning about a country's art, history, food, fashion and craftsmanship. Our international guests are couples, multigenerational families, and select groups.

You are the co-creators of your travel experience: your trip becomes a unique, shared adventure with local experts, instead of a tour package.

Our exclusive programs include private walking tours off the beaten-track in Paris, daytrips outside the French capital, and journeys to the best France has to offer: Champagne, Normandy, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence and the French Riviera. In addition, we organize similar programs in Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Our relationships allow us to unlock the greatest wine cellars and estates, to provide exclusive access to haute couture houses and jewelers normally closed to the public, and to open the doors to the most private and exquisite chateaux, mansions and art collections, where you will be greeted and entertained by the owners themselves.

We also offer unique sports travel opportunities including cycling, ballooning, skiing and golf, in addition to hunting and fishing parties.

Our selection, training and close supervision of over 75 expert multi-lingual guides and lecturers, as well as our transportation fleet of limousines, minivans, luxury buses, helicopters, vintage cars and private jets, ensure that our tours and events maintain the highest of standards.

Our office in Paris is staffed exclusively with bilingual English speakers and our sales representatives in the United States, Canada and Australia are native English-speakers who are thoroughly familiar with our products and services. Tours and events are offered year-round, and our rapid response to queries by either phone or internet, even outside normal business hours, makes it possible to handle last-minute requests.

We provide detailed, illustrated itineraries, itemized bills in either excel or pdf format and a complimentary welcome kit to every guest who comes to Paris.

It is my hope that we will soon have the opportunity to make your travel dreams a reality.

With my warmest regards,

Rachel Kaplan